In July 2015, Xinjiang Jiugan Peng Mining Co., Ltd rented one EBH120 roadheader machine for the construction of Wuqia county copper mine tunnel. The tunnel had copper and a small amount of limestone, the roadway section is 18 square meters, the average footage is about 6 to 7 meters, slightly uphill. Through our training, the customer’s team learnt the way of use and maintenance quickly (earlier they used to dig with blasting and driving, not using a roadheader machine). Now the equipment is running very well and the accident rate is low, the footage efficiency has increased 5 to 7 meters per day.

  • Equipment model:EBH120
  • Place : Xinjiang, kashgar
  • start time : 2014/10/10
  • completion date : on-going
  • Company : Xinjiang jiugan peng mining co. LTD
  • Rock Hardness: F7
  • Dimensions of main tunnel: 2.8mx2.8m
  • footage achieved was : 0.5m/h
  • This project involves mining copper. The mine is located in the kashgar region of xinjiang. Because of high altitude and narrow roads, large vehicles cannot pass, so they used EBH120.